damn i'm amazing

Do you ever look at yourself and think damn I'm amazing!? I could lie and pretend that I'm not that self-involved but I am because I do...

I can't pinpoint when exactly I woke up and just loved every inch of myself {that sounds dirtier than intended} but I do and it's really fucking amazing. Because I'm sarcastic and don't care to change and I have stretch marks and could care less. Because my boobs are always really soft and that pleases me. Because I have this stomach that never sits flat and I don't bloody care. Because I think I'm hilarious and I don't care if anybody else feels the same. Because I do shit like this with umbrellas before I even realise what the hell I'm doing and I insist Husband take a photo because I think I'm awesome.

I think my late twenties were when I really learnt to love myself and even though my head is fucked up I really do. I love that I'm a sarcastic bitch and I love that I'm surrounded by people who aren't scared to say that to my face.

Also, I think my hair is finally getting to a point where I like it again. Thanks for that, hair. I appreciate it.

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