shop spotlight//st. frock

A few weeks ago, I finally retired my favourite polka dot dress. Devastated doesn't even begin to describe it. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes that have sentimental value {like this Miffy top} and this dress, purchased when Bailey wasn't even a year old, cemented my love affair with polka dots. B. and I had so many great times together, usually matching in dots, while I was wearing it. It's utterly ridiculous but it was hard letting it go. When I'm down I am instantly drawn to anything dotty so I knew I had to find something new. Without fifty hundred spotty items, my wardrobe felt severely lacking. Do you know how this makes a nut-job like me feel?

One of my friends suggested I try St. Frock and on a frenzied online shopping evening I stumbled upon this spotty beauty. I do adore a good wrap dress and this one is lovely. The Libby Wrap Dress is black with white spots, has flouncy butterfly sleeves and is in a gorgeous lightweight fabric. Grab it at St. Frock for $59.90 and get free shipping {for those based in Australia}.

& because I'm completely rational and great at saving money I had to pick up a new pair of Quay Sunglasses {Invader -- find here} but they actually ended up sending me another pair by Quay which I can't even find on their website -- the My Girl. I just... how does this even happen? They were lovely about it though and even though they ended up finding the Invader for me I just gave up and am keeping the ones sent because you know how I feel about companies that require me to make effort. I guess the niceness works in their favour but I'm just not sure how you can trust that they wouldn't do it again {and I've since heard about other order stuff ups too so...}?

Some stuff about their website and service -- they use Afterpay {which I have used} but it didn't actually work. I don't know if there was a glitch the night I ordered but it's still incredibly frustrating. As for shipping it's rather fast which is lovely because I had an occasion in mind for the dress {Beauty and the Beast, movie date!}. I ordered on a Thursday night, it was apparently shipped on Friday {but I wasn't notified about it as they say you will be} and it arrived on Monday. The dress and sunglasses were packaged in the "butterflies" tote bag {quote on one side and butterflies on the other} which was a nice little touch. The dress came crinkled and in desperate need of an iron but I don't know if you can really expect much for something being shipped now can you? 

So, after all that complaining, yes I do think I'd order from St. Frock again but I'd be slightly hesitant. A company that is lovely with stuff ups is great but I'm always really wary when companies make mistakes like sending the wrong products out. The error always leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I'm on the fence as to whether adorable wrap dresses are really worth it.

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