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The other week I stumbled across the most adorable Aussie planner sticker shop on Etsy -- Agnes & Rosie. At first I was drawn to the name because one of my most adorable friends shares the latter name and she makes me happy, therefore, this shop made me happy. It makes sense. Deal with it. But I soon fell in love with their entire range.

Whenever I find a new shop I like to try a couple of things to test them out rather than going completely mad {which I am prone to do}. I ended up showing restraint and only picked up two items. First, the Rustic Floral Weekly Kit which comes with 6 pages for $18 and is simply gorgeous {the font!}. You get full decorative boxes and checklists, washi and date covers, sidebar items, headers and tons more. There's enough items in here to stretch over 2 weeks which is what I plan to do for a lovely Mother's Day kit and another whenever it tickles my fancy. I adore a kit that can take you into multiple spreads.

The only downsides {and they're slight} are that some of the stickers {see the cancelled/rescheduled ones} are slightly raised off the sticker sheet. None of them are damaged to the point of non-use but they could be and that kind of makes me nervous. Another meh is the icon stickers. You get them across 4 pages and they're really nicely done with stitching around the circle but they are the exact same icon across all 4. So you get an asterisk, a heart, a house with a $, a credit card, a map pin, recycling, rubbish bin, vacuum cleaner, washing machine and a petrol pump. All really useful stuff and I get the doubling up on the asterisk and the heart but four of the rest seem redundant. They're all a different shade on each page but I would have liked to see some other stuff like a phone, grocery bag, TV, laptop. Really anything than four bloody recycling/map pin ones.

I also picked up these adorable Weather Icons because their faces are just adorable. And I can't even with the freebie they sent with. I was so pleased that the relax time pillow icon is included on there because I was desperate to grab those too {find the entire sheet here}. Am loving that I stumbled upon this adorable shop.

All Agnes & Rosie stickers are printed on a matte paper. The stickers aren't shiny at all and I know some people really adore that shine but I really don't mind either way, especially not when the colours are so vibrant. Agnes & Rosie stickers are all made to order. Processing times are listed as 5 to 10 working days. I made my order late on a Thursday night and received my order the following Wednesday. Don't you just love it when you receive your Etsy items before you're even allowed to leave feedback? Truly, that's a mark of a good shop for me. No issues. Just awesome.

& can we please discuss the Agnes & Rosie Cactus and Succulents Kit because... yes! Need it in my life as soon as humanly possible, thanks.

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