on falling in love with exercise

I have a confession to make, I have become quite taken with exercising. I am ashamed to admit it because in this world of people posting selfies of themselves in underwear to show off their "great body" on social media I don't want to be like them. I refuse to become someone who does those 12 week challenges and counts calories and thinks about how they look in their bathers. I just... no.

I don't know what happened. I have exercised, on occasion, begrudgingly for my entire adult life. It's so boring. I could be not wearing a bra and eating chocolate. I could be sleeping. I could be doing absolutely anything. Anything other than exercising.

And then something happened. I realised I was getting older and continuing on with the same lazy lifestyle. It's fun, sure, but I have a child, and I want to instill healthy habits in her. And, so, I decided to get over my innate laziness and try and push through the anxiety and depression and I walked. I walked the dogs late at night and I wasn't scared. I walked through period cramps and 40+ degree heat and sprinkling rain and sickness. And I had fun. And when I hadn't gone for a walk that day I missed it. And when I needed a break because I was too sad or my asthma was really bad I got back on the horse.

And, now, as much as it sarcastically pains me to say it -- I have fallen in love with exercise. We go for walks as a family. We walk to the shops when we don't have anything heavy to grab. I take the long way home on the way from dropping B. off from school. When it's just Husband and I we take the dogs for a long walk and talk. I don't have an anxiety attack when I get overheated any more. In fact, being outside is just the thing now, no longer a source of anxiety for me. 

I love it. Alone or with my family. It's just fun.

But, no, I am never going to have abs because I think they look gross and if I ever start talking about lifting weights or Kayla whoever I will ask my Husband to smother me in my sleep. Because I may love {some forms} of exercise now but I'm still a sarcastic bitch and hopefully that aspect of my life will never change. 

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