friday five//planner thoughts

You may well be aware that I am stupidly planner obsessed. I have been forever and I still don't get it but I adore it so it is what it is. It's actually more therapeutic for me than therapy. Whenever I get the anxiety shakes I go to my planner, my washi, my stickers and it calms me. It's my thing. Lately, since I won a wonderful planner packed prize, I've become ever nuttier in the planner stakes and I find myself alone with my planner more often than usual. Five planner thoughts --

Just telling you now, the Erin Condren is worth all the hype. This divine creation was one of my prizes from The Planner Sophisticate and I can't even... This is the Floral Heart Metallic Gold cover with gold coil. The cover is interchangeable and it's the neutral design inside. Gorgeous.

I have now, also, become hooked on monthly kits. This March one is from Planning World and has a delicious blue foil. It's no longer available but you can check out her May kit here. The foiling takes some getting used to and even though it comes with a note to say it can't get peeled back up I am here to definitely confirm that it can't be peeled back up. I don't know why I think instructions are for everyone but me but, look, I learnt my lesson when the March flaked away. Still delicious though. And that Chanel cart...
If you don't have decorative paperclips for your planner I really don't know what you're doing with your life. Pigtails and Pockets is the place to go -- light pink bow & pink frappuccino. I also need all the others -- Luke's Diner, Chip & Mrs Potts and Gus Gus!

I love a gold foil sticker and have become obsessed with these Life's Little Stickers from Kikki-K. I use them in most spreads and they come with a variety of labels -- to-do, dinner, important, pay day, etc and a bunch of foiled symbols -- car, cake, meals, movie, hearts, stars, etc. The best part is they're only $3.95 for a pack of 2. Whenever I'm in Kikki-K I like to stock up on a few packs so I never run low. 

My planner essentials -- this Planner Gems pen it's a ballpoint so I like to use it for pre-planning on post-its and in my writing planner {you can buy gel refills here though}, this Sharpie pen is my current pen to paper choice and this Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker is what I write on all my stickers with. A glue roller is also so needed {mine is from UHU which is my favourite brand -- I find it lasts the longest and actually sticks}. I mean, any excuse to buy stuff right?

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