friday five//necessary home-wears

I think it's pretty standard fare by now. I love pyjamas, dressing gowns, slippers. All of the above and everything else in between. Peter Alexander is my happy place. Since the weather has been rainy and nearing cold my mind has been on all the things above. I like to call them home-wears because you wear them at home {duh!} but trust me, if I could, I would wear pyjamas everywhere. Particularly to work. Because who can't be happy in pyjamas? Nobody that's who. Five picks --

Dinosaur Hooded Robe|ASOS -- if there is a robe that personifies me as a person it's this one.

Cloud Hooded Gown|Peter Alexander -- the clouds on this gown bring me back to childhood when I was obsessed with anything star/moon/cloud themed. And we all know Peter Alexander does amazing gown. Perhaps I need both?

Bunny Eye Mask|Cotton On Body -- because, yes. Fluffy and perfectly themed for Easter. Necessary.

Spot PJ Pant|Peter Alexander -- if I had to pick a favourite pattern it would be the polka dot/spot. These pants are no exception and I need them in my life.

Metallic Moccasins|Peter Alexander -- at this point, one might wonder if I'm sponsored by Peter Alexander but, rest assured, they don't even know I exist. Sure, it'd be nice if PA, along with Willams-Sonoma, could sponsor my life but I'm realistic -- that ain't ever gonna happen. And, look, I can't hold a grudge against awesome so I need these metallic moccasins to add to my slipper collection.

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