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This year I've set a goal for myself -- no planner stickers for six months. Or, should I say, no buying planner stickers for six months. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. For January, at least. But now Feb. is looming to an almost close and my gold foiled stickers are running low and I desperately feel the need to have some glitter washi in my life. So, yes, I am feeling a bit itchy... Here's some current planner cravings --

 Gold Foil Black Notes Paper -- I love a gold foil and the inserts from this shop -- Que & Co -- is all things wonderful. Black paper can seem problematic but just think -- metallic pens {which I do adore}.

Inspiration Diary Printables -- I am a list maker and am always on the hunt for gorgeous pages to organise my life with.

"Mom Life" Value Sticker Pack -- ugh, I detest the term "mum {or mom} life" but the stickers are cute and would be useful, no?

Anything from Stick With Me Shop. Her shop is often closed and when she's open her stickers go crazily fast but they are divine, hand drawn and so worth it. She's on YouTube -- find her here -- and binge watch all the videos.

Golden Girls Kit -- if anything is more necessary in this world it is this planner kit. Planner Penny on Etsy is an absolute genius and a person after my own heart. I mean... yes. I need this don't I?    

Anything from Once More With Love but particularly these Munchkins Pizza Time stickers. Pizza is in my DNA. The eating munchkins are me, just so you know. 

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