my very own sophia bag

If you recall I have been on the hunt for my very own Sophia Petrillo {see here and here} bag for more than half my life. I remember the first time I watched Golden Girls as a very young teen and it became a lifeline for me from depression and suicidal thoughts. I remember wishing that Sophia was my mum and I liked to insert myself into their cheesecake-filled family and pretend. I also wished/dreamed/hoped for a Sophia bag of my very own. The hunt has been long and arduous and the only bag that ever came close was a Ferragamo and, while doable price wise, was more than I wanted to spend.

And then it happened when I wasn't even looking for a Sophia and I'm in love --

I stumbled upon Wild Kitty Clothing while I was researching for another bag post {coming soon} and up popped this Banned Kara Wicker Bag and I may have screamed and then proceeded to pout because I'm currently on a non-essential no-buy and then my lovely Husband came in and urged me to buy it. I just...

Her name is Sophia, obviously. She cost $59 and she is divine. The bag is rectangular with gold hardware, red handles and flappy thing and a red gingham lining. It's actually quite roomy inside and there's a little pocket for anything you don't want roaming around. As I'm writing this there's only one left in stock so I am hoping they get more in because this bag is my ultimate must-have of the moment and I think you need one too{I also need this other Banned Wicker Bag which is similar and I plan to name Dorothy}. 

Wild Kitty is based in Australia {Queensland} and they have an affinity for pinup clothing and accessories. They ship domestically and internationally and have a gorgeous range. I opted for express shipping to Sydney and the order I made on Friday arrived to me on Monday morning. Sophia comes with her very own dust-bag to keep her safe when you're not using her {though if I don't use the one that came with my Louis I'm not sure I'll use this}.

If you love pinup style clothing and accessories I highly recommend you give Wild Kitty Clothing a peek because they're wonderful. As an aside, they also sent me a thank you email the day after my order and my name was spelled correctly and this made my life. And, sure, it may have been automatic or whatever but I don't care because it was a lovely touch and now I adore them even more.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to stare obsessively at my new bag...

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