misadventures in parenting//all you need is nutella

B. and I have always had a love affair with Nutella. As the years have gone by we've travelled down different lustful Nutella roads. She believes Nutella and bread should be paired together and I am anti-bread. Yet, despite our differing beliefs, there is one area where we always come together and it involves a jar of Nutella {always actual Nutella, never the other stuff}, two spoons and a couch or bed.

The other day, when B. was devastated over a hand injury and no amount of hugs and kisses made the pain better I knew what to do. I left her seated on the couch, hurried into the kitchen, flung open the pantry, grabbed what I needed, wrenched open the cutlery drawer {and ditto for that too} and hurried back to her side with the goodies. B. knew just what to do because she's been doing it for as long as she can remember. Nutella jar open, spoon in jar and then mouth and then...pure bliss.

This is what we did for all those years when it was just her and I. We would take turns in hurrying to the pantry, she and I. Sometimes she would come to me and say "mum I think we need Nutella" and it was like she could always tell when times were tough. Then we would hunker down together and scoop until our hearts content. At times, I would worry that I was bringing her up to have a bad relationship with food. Heck, I still worry about that...

I like to think that food should be allowed to be a reward at certain times. It needn't always be that way and B. knows that. More often than not it's snuggles together that heals everything but sometimes, sometimes, snuggles is not enough and you need that delicious chocolate hazel-nutty goodness. 

And as I watched B. scoop her worries away I couldn't help but smile and remember, fondly, those good old days, when Husband never worked from home and I was a full-time at home mum. Before school rudely entered our lives, far too quickly. When it was just B. and I for eight hours {or more} a day and we had the most ridiculous amount of fun and shoved Nutella into our faces when life got a bit too hard. 

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