friday five//valentine's day gift guide

Ugh, Valentines Day. On one hand I like it fine and on the other, more pessimistic side, I fucking hate it. Roses make me want to vomit okay? If you want to show someone you hate them buy them roses on Valentines Day. Or, if you really want them to die a slow miserable death, propose to someone on Valentines Day. Gross. Anyway, some V-Day picks because why not?

Atonement by Ian McEwan -- a love story for Valentines Day, why not? Okay, fine, I want a copy of this for myself. Whatever. It's romantic, right?

Mega Babe Notebook -- because every mega babe needs a notebook telling them so and it says blah blah blah at the back so, obviously, a much needed thing in life.

I Love Us Tray -- if I knew things about life I could say that "trays are so big right now" but I don't know anything and that sounds dumb anyway. Regardless, the tray is cute, it says love on it and you can chuck some jewels or whatever on it so hooray and such. 

Met You Personal Planner -- it's got hearts on it. Buy it for the stationary lover.

Mickey Mouse Love PJ's -- because love. Also, pom pom tassel-y things.  


I know Valentines is on Tuesday and this gift guide is kind of late but, look, I've been really sick, am lazy and it's only a bloody half-assed holiday anyway. Sorry.

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