friday five//the netflix 5

Five things you need to be watching on Netflix right now --

You Me Her -- if a show has sex in it I'm all there because... sex. It centers around a married couple {yes, with the chick from the Clueless TV show} and {apparently} Amy Poehler's brother and this chick named Izzy who's really sexy in a sweet kind of yes-I'd-introduce-you-into-my-marriage-too kind of way. The show is described as TV's first "polyromantic comedy" and it's actually really good. Watch it with your favourite sex buddy and have the remote handy to pause when you guys need to help each other out. 

Santa Clarita Diet -- I accidentally binge watched the entire show in a day but didn't realise that I had watched it all so devastation ensued {I'm smart like that}. I wasn't sure what to make of the show because Drew Barrymore's voice often grates on me but it's funny and gross and really just wonderful. The downside is, of course, that it's only ten episodes so be prepared for that.

Season 6 of Downton Abbey is now on Netflix and it's a must watch. I do adore the quietness of this show. It's just adorable. Maggie Smith is my hero.

New York Minute is awesome. Deal with the facts of your life and watch it. Does anyone else think every film/show the Olsen twins have done is amazing? Or... just me?

Freaky Friday reminds me of when I was younger and it first came out and I had such a crush on Chad Michael Murray and then I found out he was an absolute douche in real life and decided I hated him in the movie too. Moving on... there's just something about movies from when I was a teen that make me a really happy almost-thirty year old. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis is adorable.


What are you watching on Netflix?

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