friday five//current loves

This week finally feels as though we are coming to the end of this almost month long sickness cycle. Finally. Actually, scratch that, I've probably jinxed it now. Today, I wanted to share some of my current loves. Five things that have made my world go round {does that even make sense?}. Regardless, lets continue shall we? --

There's just something about an oat mask that my skin adores. Lush's Oatifix is my absolute favourite and I have been slopping it on my face multiple times a week. I'll do a proper rave review on this soon because it's just that good. I've been stupidly lazy with my skincare while I've been sick and while this oaty deliciousness didn't stop a chin-sized pimple from sprouting out under my skin it's been a lifesaver in making the rest of my face look somewhat taken care of.

Kale juice has become a daily obsession. Sure, I could make my own but I could also work out every day and not eat chocolate so... The Healthy Greens variety from V8 Juice is my absolute favourite. It has apple, spinach, carrot, celery, cucumber and kale and it tastes divine. I pick mine up from my local supermarket {it's in the long life juice section} and fill up a massive tumbler with one of these a day. I guess the only downside could be is that you need to drink it within five days of opening but, for me, that's a non-downside downside because it usually only lasts 3-4. So good.

It's weird. Clearly I am Australian and if I should be into any kind of politics it should be where I live but I have, of course, become obsessed with the American stuff. This picture is my favourite thing that has ever happened in the entire world {I found it here}.

And, speaking of American politics...

Have become enthralled with Seth Meyers. Particularly his A Closer Look stuff. And is it just me or is Seth really fucking sexy? Massive crush.

& finally -- I have become hooked on colouring with gel pens. One of my lovely friends gifted me a massive case full of gel pens {not sure where she got them but Amazon is a treasure trove}. I can barely even begin to describe just how fabulous they are for colouring. Colouring in has always been soothing/relaxing for me and the gel pens just increase the pleasure. There's something about the way they move and disperse the colour that just feels, somewhat, orgasmic. So, yes. I do have the most amazing friends and, no, I am not sharing this new found gel pen power with B. If you love to colour but hate the finish pencils give and hate that markers bleed, use some gel pens. I kind of a feel moronic that I didn't think of this before and I'm now not sure I can ever be in the presence of this friend again because, obviously, she is a million times smarter than me.

the end.

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