best beauty buys -- splurge

Since I'm such a beauty expert I figured it was essential to share my favourite splurge items. Because yes --

one. look, you need this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette don't even try and deny it. If you're in Australia you can purchase it at Mecca and it's going to set you back $90 but it's worth it. Promise. With three luxurious powders it's well worth the price tag and it's ridiculously luscious. 

two. technically, I guess, any fragrance could be considered a splurge but the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is lovely and decadent. Buy it at a proper Chanel beauty store just for the experience of it. You'll pay just over $100-$180-ish depending on which version you pick up but you must go for the pink version in the Chance range and you'll smell simply divine.

three. out of all the Naked palettes, the first one is still my favourite. Urban Decay does shadow better than anyone. If you're in Australia you can purchase the Urban Decay Naked Palette from Mecca for $83. And you get a double-ended brush with it so win, obviously.

four. if you're using a cheap eyelash curler you're an idiot. I speak from experience. I was that idiot {okay, fine, I'm still an idiot but at least my lashes no longer get ripped out}. Instead of going for Shu I say you go for the NARS eyelash curler even though it's tricky to find and quite often sold out {Amazon has it here for just under $30}.

five. I did do a review of these Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Patch Masks from RY not too long ago {see here} but since then these eye masks have grown to become my all time favourite masking product. I like to leave mine on for 30-60 minutes and afterwards your under-eye area is just wonderfully transformed to look like you haven't had a bad night sleep in your entire life. True story. They come in a pack of six {two patches per pack} and are $84.

six. yes, another Hourglass product... but, look, I have both and I tell you I need both. The Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light - is all things amazing {and then some}. You get everything you ever need in a face palette and the Surreal Bronze Light shade is great for cheeks and sweeping over the lid. Multi-functional products are a must. Like so many others mentioned here, if you're in Aus, pick yours up at Mecca. It'll set you back {or will it set you forward?} $116. 


So, what splurge-y items can't you live without? Share your wisdom with me you must.

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