watch//don't breathe

I feel like Don't Breathe was named as such because after watching it you can't really breathe. It's kind of really fucking creepy and if I had been harboring any delusions of become a robber and robbing a blind man/war vet I would not after seeing this film. It's just like when I watched The Visit and vowed to never trust old people and nappies. Now, I feel kind of bad saying I'm scared of blind people because I'm not. I'm just scared of this one particular blind person. This guy freaks me out so much I want to cry.

Now, I've heard Don't Breathe described as a horror and a thriller and I guess it could be seen as both but for me it's one of those edge-of-your-seat thrillers that see you jumping with fright and keeping your hands hovering near your face just in case. It's kind of a tricky one also because you're not sure whose side to be on but you want to be on someone's side, to root for someone, that's just part of the fun. I found myself switching sides periodically throughout the film and finished feeling off about everyone involved. 

It really is wonderful film and if you have the constitution for it I highly recommend it. Saying that, I did have to chase this movie down with a viewing of The Magnificent Seven {also good but Denzel Washington is not naked in it so, also, highly disappointing} just so I could sleep that night. It kind of leaves your heart racing and your body a bit shaky afterward so take that as you will. 

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