holiday watch-list

I am a massive couch potato so, when holidays roll around, I seem to become one with the couch, air conditioner on as high as it will go, with a crinkly blanket and a wonderful film {or fifty}. Mostly, I re-watch old favourites that bring delicious warm and fuzzy feelings. Here's what I'm currently devouring --

Under the Tuscan Sun -- Diane Lane is just amazing isn't she? Any movie with her in it is simply wonderful but Tuscan Sun is my favourite of hers. I just, simply, adore her voice, her quietness, her entire being.

Annabelle -- I have mentioned this previously {see here} and I'm still as terrified of Annabelle as ever. Why I purchased a copy of this I will never know. This film scares me almost as much as The Strangers does, yet, I insist on watching it. It really is rather good. Creepy. Freaky as fuck.

When Harry Met Sally -- yes, it's one of my favourite films but it's still worthy of a mention here. If you haven't seen it you are missing out on life but who am I kidding? Everyone's seen it. Days of the week underpants and Meg Ryan's superb ordering style. Just perfection.

Pitch Perfect -- it's hilarious. Fat Amy {or Fat Patricia} is my spirit animal. As is the girl who just loves sex who I can't be bothered looking up to find her actual name. Okay and, maybe, Brittany Snow too. I do love the music and I don't care if really snobby music people hate it because I think they're all stupid anyway {yes, I'm entirely mature}.

I set fires to feel joy.

Harry Potter -- all of them but most recently, the first film in the franchise. No, I don't think the acting is terrible. Yes, I think they're wonderfully magical. The films {and the books which I must re-read as soon as humanly possible} just make me happy, lift me up, make everything okay.

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