friday five//twenty-seventeen wishlist

This year I plan to make an actual concerted effort in not buying what I don't need. Or, at least, going easy when it comes to buying things I want. While I do enjoy the $500+ shopping trips they really aren't practical are they? Regardless, I do have a few items that are on my twenty-seventeen wishlist and, of course, the majority of them are impractical and ridiculous.

Victorine Wallet in Monogram|Louis Vuitton -- I actually really enjoy not having a wallet {currently using this Louis Vuitton piece as a card and note holder} but this adorable wallet may just make a wallet user out of me yet.
Frozen Disney On Ice -- it doesn't come to Sydney until July but B. and I are already ridiculously excited for it. Last year we went to Disney On Ice {see more here} that featured a wonderful mix of our favourite Disney characters and this one sounds just as amazing. Tickets to this for both B. and I are essential.  
Round Coin Purse in Monogram|Louis Vuitton -- I do actually need a proper coin purse and this Transatlantic version from Louis Vuitton is just divine.
Polaroid Zip Printer -- I've featured various Zip printers many times. Twenty-seventeen has to be the year I actually get my hands on one. I really adore this black one. 
Amethyst Tear Drop and Copper Ring|Indie and Harper -- this ring is currently sold out but I am holding out hope that they bring it back because I need this desperately in my life. It's so not what I'd usually go for but as soon as I saw this divine creation I knew I needed it in my life. If I could go back and get engaged again I'd actually rather this as an engagement ring rather than the cliche white gold/diamond creation. 

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