friday five//back-to-school picks

School goes back on Monday *sob*. Even though the last few weeks of these holidays has seen B. turn into a tantrum-y head {proper medical term, that is} I'm still going to miss the days filled with blanket forts, homemade play-dough and random nothingness. Sure, she's only in Year One and, sure, I knew what I was getting into when I had a kid, but school screams structure and organisation and sometimes that amount of adult is just too much for my sensitive soul. There is one thing, however, that I do enjoy about back-to-school time and it is the stuff. Oh, the stuff...

loungefly star wars backpack -- okay, fine, I want this backpack for myself {despite detesting backpacks} and I'm kind of really hoping that B. wants this backpack for next year and am kicking myself that I didn't buy it for her this year {instead she's going to back to school with a personalised butterfly bag}.

tinyme vertical names diary -- for anyone who wants to stay organised I highly recommend a specific planner {or planning pad} for the family.

dogs & bubbles decomposition notebook -- I picked this up for myself recently and while it's on the more expensive side {$17} I can't recommend it enough. The dogs & bubbles design is simply divine and the book itself just feels wonderful. 

wise words pencil set -- who doesn't need pencils with cute things written on them?

stuck on you bento box -- stuck on you is always a wonderful treasure trove for personalised school goodies. B. designed her own bento and it's gorgeous. The bento box, itself, is large, easy to open and to clean and just wonderful to make fun lunchboxes. I find that having a bento makes packing lunches so much easier and more enjoyable. 


and now, let's freeze time for a bit, yeah?

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