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Some favourite kids reads of the moment that we've all been enjoying together --

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas -- after B. borrowed this from her school library a few times I knew we had to grab a copy to have at home always. I think it's fair to say that we are a family of Aaron Blabey fans and this silly piranha tale doesn't disappoint. As always, Husband does the reading while B. and I do the snuggle-listen. Piranhas is cheeky and fun for kids and adults alike.

I Just Couldn't Wait to Meet You -- it's become a Christmas tradition over the past couple of years for me to buy B. a special book that's just from me. Last year I got her Love You Forever and this year I wrapped this adorable story from Kate Ritchie. I may have cried reading this to B. because it's just so poignant and sweet and I can't wait for it become just as treasured and adored as the aforementioned Munsch classic. 

Pig the Elf -- I do adore buying Christmas themed books for B. come Christmas time. This year we gifted her Pig the Elf along with her advent, Christmas pj's and a Shopkins gingerbread house kit on December 1. Pig's Christmas tale quickly became a staple throughout December but Pig & Blabey are so hilarious and fun that I don't think our love for him is going to stop now that Christmas is over.

Thelma the Unicorn -- a lovely little tale to remind you to be yourself. B. loves it because it's funny, cute and glittery and once the last page has turned she likes to remind us that "being yourself is better".

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