a recurring dream...

I keep having this recurring dream where, as I sleep, my friends come into my bedroom and judge my butt. It's weird and feels entirely, one-hundred and fifty percent, lifelike. Sometimes, after waking from the dream I am tempted to text someone who had judged the butt to ask them if they had just been in my room and, if so, why they gave me such a low score? Of course, I never actually do because that's too strange right?

After numerous repeats of the same dream I'd finally had enough. So I Googled for a dream interpretation and the consensus was that I was self-conscious about my butt. That I felt judged by my friends. And the fact that I was sleeping in my dream meant that I was probably having quite a heavy sleep. Right then.

Here's the thing -- I know my butt isn't the best thing in the world but I don't really care. I prefer my boobs anyway. I don't care if my friends, or anyone for that matter, is judging me because, hey, I do a lot of stupid shit and I don't care what people think of me. Also, I kind of think my real friends aren't really judging me all that much anyway. 

The only thing I feel self-conscious about here is probably how I actually sleep. My legs are always spread. I always have a blanket wedged firmly between them. My nightie or pyjamas top is always riding up and I never wear pants or shorts to bed so my underwear and, ergo, butt is always on display. This is how I'm comfortable but I always feel a tad paranoid about my sleeping style as if this is not how normal people sleep.

But can you imagine if, at night, while you slept soundly, your friends/family/enemies/complete strangers crept into your room and held up scorecards about your sleeping butt? I feel like my butt would definitely be deserving of something higher than the under five scores I've been getting in my dreams. Right???

Why are dreams so weird...?

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