watch//how perfect is now & then?

Growing up, Now & Then was one of my favourite movies. It just gave me all the feels, it felt truly special and wonderfully real. As I've grown into adulthood {blegh} this film has held a special place but, sadly, I hadn't kept re-watching it. Heck, I didn't even own a copy. One day, not too long ago, the desperate, overwhelming need to have these girls back in my life hit me so I found a copy and hunkered down, reveling in the awesomeness of being home alone.

Now that the film is back in my life I hope I never let it go again. Sounds silly for a movie but it's just one of those that sits with you and wraps you in a wonderfully cozy hug. Yes, I'm lame. But isn't it so rare to find a movie that just speaks to you, that makes you feel giddy and just gives pure pleasure? 

I adore that the film flashes between childhood and adulthood and shares real heartache. I'm sure that everyone has seen it but if you haven't you need to. Trust me in it's amazing. 

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