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Now, I'm no concealer expert. I think, mostly, because I detest the current concealer method that's in fashion ala the Kardashians {detest it, I say}. Still, there is one new trick that I've been loving and it's this --

let your concealer sit for a bit before blending

I don't know why I never considered this before. Perhaps, I viewed concealer sitting there as being dirty and gross. It may very well be, I don't know, but I like the effect it has. I slop my concealer wherever it needs to go {mostly around my hideously purple under-eye area} and let it sit for a few minutes. Usually, because I'm impatient, I'll busy myself with my brows and mascara while I wait and then I blend. I don't know why this method is so darn effective and I guess I could go find out but, also, I really don't care. It just is. Let's embrace it shall we?

As you let it sit {rest?} the product sinks into your skin, kind of blending in with whatever area you've plopped it on and once actually blended properly with a sponge/finger/brush it has an almost-flawless airbrushed finish. Of course, since I'm not into the hideous bright-white triangle concealer trend that seems to reach to the end of your nose my under-eye area will never really look flawless will it? Still, I like the idea of makeup being fun and not some hideous cake slopping competition so sacrifices must be made.

Do I really have any idea what I'm on about? Nope, not really. But do I ever? Honestly? Not often...

Still, this concealer trick works I promise! Give it a try and let it melt into your skin in a non-gross cloggy way and see how it feels why don't you?

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