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Every year, around this time, I watch Love Actually. I was never really sure why. It was a tad too romantic for me but I do love me some Hugh Grant/Liam Neeson/Colin Firth. It was almost like a reluctant tradition that someone annoying started and you always felt too bad to object to. Well kids, I am that annoying someone and I kind of forced myself into this love-hate tradition with Love Actually.

I was so meh about this movie that I wasn't even aware I had a copy on DVD until I was flicking through a stack and happened upon it, as if by chance. I popped it on, mostly out of boredom and thought at least I'd get turned on by Hugh Grant's accent for a bit. But something miraculous happened. I fell in love with Love Actually. I think it was mostly Bill Nighy's doing, if I'm honest. But that Hugh Grant dance, Liam's sexy accent and Colin's clumsy adorableness certainly didn't harm the movie any. 

But, here's the thing, the part I have always hated about this movie {see above} has now, quickly, become my favourite. The signs are so creepy and corny and this guy freaks me the fuck out but I am now, also, so madly in love with his romantic gesture that I'm half tempted to stick my head out of my front window in hopes that someone will come and do this for me. I mean...

To me, you are perfect...

Is that not the most perfect thing?

For years, my favourite romantic gestures in film have always been Joe Fox talking about sharpened pencils or bringing Kathleen Kelly daisies when she was sick but now... well, sure, nothing can beat Tom Hanks but this scene is pretty darn close.

So, yup, I'll just be waiting... at my house. Anybody feel a strong desire to tell me I'm perfect {even if I'm really fucking annoying?}

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