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For me, the stocking is an essential part of Christmas gifting. I adore trekking around all corners of the shops and the web to find the perfect {usually} quirky gift to stuff in the recipients stocking. I feel like you can kind of shove anything random in a stocking and it just magically works. I don't know. Regardless of rambles here's some suggestions --

one. rose gold heart teaspoon|lark store -- because who doesn't need a cute teaspoon?
two. a guinea pig oliver twist -- I do so adore buying stupid books like these {texts from dog is still my favourite}
three. chill pill pin|lark store -- for someone who adores pins and, perhaps, needs a chill pill {me!}
four. twinkle twinkle hair clips|lark store -- how sweet would a little kid look with these pinned in their hair? But, also, yes I'd wear them too.
five. leia's message tee|hard to find -- this is the best shirt I have ever seen in my life
six. violin nanoblock -- for the idiot in your life who has a guitar and a ukulele and still wants a violin {pick one thing!}
seven. makeup brush organiser|mecca -- just gorgeous...
eight. kate spade battery bank -- because everyone with a phone probably needs one of these and if you're going to buy something so bloody boring it may as well be gorgeous
nine. ice cream drink bottle|seed heritage -- I think this is for kids... I need it...
ten. festively flawless sphere -- I guess this could also be used as a tree decoration-gift hybrid but I think it'd make a fabulous filler too. Who doesn't need a festive blender? No, seriously, tell me who...

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