friday five//the last christmas gift guide

Um... there's only two days until Christmas. When did that happen? 

We all finished up work/school as last week came to an end but I always find it difficult to relax properly in the week leading up to Christmas because the expectation is there. I'm naturally a stressed out person no matter how relaxing the day is/will be. Anyway, here's a last minute Christmas gift guide for anyone who is far too busy/unorganised/really effin laid back/I don't know. Is anyone still doing their Christmas shopping?

Talking As Fast As I Can - Lauren Graham -- because she's awesome, Gilmore Girls is awesome, Parenthood is awesome and no I'm still not able to talk about the revival so lets not even go there.

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask Collection -- grab this gorgeous limited edition collection from Mecca and treat the pamper fan in your life {or yourself because, really, this is essential and just so pretty}.

Typo Frame -- I think a frame gifted with a lovely photo or quote card inside is actually a really cute gift & this frame from Typo is really divine.

NES Classic Edition -- this is sold out everywhere but if you can get your hands on one {they're $99 in Australia, I believe} then do it. Tackle someone to get it if you have to because this is the most essential gift that ever happened.

Lego Amusement Park Hot Dog Van -- I have finished all of B's present shopping {and gone way over budget, of course} but she needs this and I want this and there's a person dressed up as a hot dog so why not?


You know, every time I make a gift guide I think this is the most random one yet! and then I always top it but this gift guide IS the most random one yet. 

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