friday five//pretty pillows

Oh hello. My name is Jaye and I'm obsessed with pillows. Is it wrong that I'd be completely happy if I only ever received cute pillows as gifts from now until the end of time? I think some people just don't get the pure joy of a truly adorable pillow and, look, you're missing out because I know pillow lovers and they are just the best people on this earth.

ladybug knit cushion|country road -- this reminds me of B. so even seeing it brings me pure joy because that kid is awesome. Out of all the pillows in all the world this is the one I need the most.
today has been cancelled|typo -- if your idea of a good day isn't staying in bed while your kid is at school and avoiding all adult responsibilities then I don't want to know you. Naps are life people.
embroidered cushion|ikea -- look, it's just pretty and let's not discount the value of a good tassel.
let's stay in bed|target -- because, yes... always & forever
softie rain cloud|joey design -- just so stinking cute.

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