friday five//furry friend gift guide

I say a variation of this a lot but -- if you don't buy the furry member of your household Christmas gifts then I don't want to know you. People who refuse to buy their furry friends presents are probably one and the same with people who just don't give a crap about giraffes and their cold coffee. How very could you. Anyway, five furry gift picks --

one. this ridiculously adorable KONG reindeer|Dogue -- if this isn't an essential part of life then what is? Water?
two. an attractive cat pod|Myer -- there is such a thing!
three. this burger bean bag|Myer -- for dogs who love a good bean-y cushion
four. alligator dog toy|Petbarn -- this reminds me of a friend who is actually a human but she has a dog so it's fine {right?}
five. this pizza plush toy|peter alexander -- because who doesn't need a squeaky pizza toy with a smiley face on it?   

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