friday five//fave moments of twenty-sixteen

I think we need to discuss the fact that twenty-sixteen is almost over and next year my kid starts year one. I have a child in year one! And, sure, she started school a year before she really had to but, still, year one. My kid. Yes. Wow. 

An entire year seems weird to break down into five {just five} moments but here they are anyway --

My kid started big school & she was amazing. She's a stickler for rules and complains when school holidays start which is weird because she's my kid. She finished out the school year with an amazing award and many, many tears from me.

B. turned 5. She opted out of a party and, instead, wanted to go get a hotel suite in the city where we ran into John Jarrett at check-in {an actual fear of mine} and she danced in the street.

 Disney on Ice -- just B. & I. I fulfilled a life long dream of mine and got to do it with the best person alive.

Seeing B. be the most amazing flower girl in history at a friend's wedding in August which also happened to be the most wonderful wedding ever {not just because of the flower girl part}. She is just the sweetest.

When we found people who loved and adored B. in the most amazing ways possible.


So 2016 was possibly the most sucky year in ways I'm not ready to talk about yet but it was also really pretty amazing and I'm thankful for friends, family and wonderful memories.

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