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 Now, I know Christmas has come and gone so this post might seem a bit late {and it is} but it isn't. The Christmas Lights Spectacular at the Hunter Valley Gardens is amazing and it runs until January 26th so you still have plenty of time to go. And I suggest you do because they're spectacular. Really. Truly.

Recently, someone said to me that they don't really like Christmas lights and I kind of lost a lot of respect for them that day. How can you not like Christmas lights? Are you mad? In case you missed the memo, I adore a good Christmas light and so does my kid so, obviously, the HVG was an essential place to visit.

Here's the thing -- there's not just Christmas themed stuff. There's Cinderella's castle. This may have just been the highlight of my life because Cinderella! Come on people.

I'm not a flower fan but how can you not fall in love right here? Also, just being around nature makes me feel more at peace even if there's swarms of people everywhere and people forget how to walk. I don't care. Because flowers and Christmas lights that light up to the 12 Days of Christmas song.

I want this tree in my house all year long.

B. loved it, of course. Her favourite part was the Fun Zone {with bouncy castles galore -- a.k.a my worst nightmare} but I think seeing all this amazingness came a close second.

There's Santa...

& a place to write Santa a letter {and that tongue and concentration are just my favourite things in the whole entire world}.

You leave your name and email address and Santa sends you an email and maybe, just maybe, they'll get your kids name right OR they'll call your kid Saivey and... well, yep that happened. Saivey.

So, yes, in conclusion -- go visit the Hunter Valley Gardens. There's food, light up frickin' mouse ears and just general awesomeness. For more information go here & for tickets go here. So go, go forth and be awesome. 

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