you've got red on you...

Even though red is B's favourite colour I'm not the biggest fan of it and generally steer clear of it in all areas. However, as soon as Christmas comes calling I break all my rules and find myself greedily gobbling up red items as if my life depends on it.

-- this strawberry eau de toilette from the body shop is one of my favourite warm weather scents. I like to wear it with their body butter in the same scent and enjoy smelling of sweet strawberries all day long {I still can't decide if it's weird to enjoy sniffing myself}.

-- this can't deal eye mask from Peter Alexander. Look, I don't know why people keep stealing my life and making things from it without paying me but there it is. I can rarely deal {all year round} so this is my perfection. I can also see me just randomly popping this on throughout the day when I can't English very well so people just know...

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