the "real woman"...

There are few terms I hate worse than "real woman". There's something so hideously stupid about the two words put together and something so ridiculous that people can put those words to paper/keyboard and deem one woman more real than the other. Quite frankly, it's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard because people are writing/saying/preaching "real bodies" at the exact same time as they are writing/saying/preaching that all women should be nicer to each other. Do you not all see how ridiculous you sound/are? Because you are. You're all idiots.

Let's just get this straight: everybody has a real body. Anybody who is naturally skinny has a real body. Anybody who is naturally curvy. Anybody who is in between. Anybody who "bounces" back straight after having kids. Anybody who doesn't. Anybody who may perpetually look pregnant even when they're not. Anybody who "doesn't look pregnant at all". Number one: it's not your business ever. Number two: nobody has the right to deem anybody too fat/skinny. Ever.

Can we please all stop being so fucking image obsessed and just get a fucking grip on reality? 

Nobody has the right to deem what a "real woman" is because anybody who identifies as a woman is a real woman. So can we stop with the articles on what a "real woman" looks like after birth? Sure, lots of women have stretch marks and "wobbly bits". But, guess what? Lots don't. And why is it okay to deem those who don't as not being real? Why is it okay to say they don't love their kids/that they clearly hated being pregnant/that are they sure they didn't use a surrogate? Because, let me be clear here, if I walked around judging every single woman for not looking like me I'd basically be judging them for not stuffing their pie holes with chocolate any chance they got. 

Everybody is different. Everybody looks different. 

End of fucking story. 

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