that married life//lindsay the lampshade

Once upon a time before Husband was Husband we had a huge fight. It was one of those ridiculous non-fights with shouting but without any real anger behind it. For as long as we'd been dating we'd called each other "babe" which I detested with a passion and, so, somewhere in this ridiculous non-tiff wasteland, we drove past a homemaker center and a picture of a chandelier. Filled with rage {probably because he thought he was right which is silly because I'm always right} I decided he needed a new nickname/term of endearment. Yet, since he was being such a fuck knocker I decided he didn't deserve to be a fancy chandelier. So I screamed something like: "listen lampshade!" at him which immediately diffused any tension and the nickname just stuck.

He eventually decided that I needed to be a household object so he began calling me "teapot" {mostly because I adore tea and teapots}. 

Now, years on, marriage and a hobo child under our belts, our nicknames have, again, evolved. He is my Danza {my Tony Danza, if you will} because of the common mishearing of the lyrics to Tiny Dancer and if you think about it the lyrics: hold me closer Tony Danza are pretty wonderful and pretty telling of our relationship. He, on the other hand, calls me chicken or chook. I have no idea why. He has told me numerous times of the origins of this name, however, I have forgotten {as I am want to do}. I reason that it's either a) because I am scared of every single thing or b) have chicken legs. Regardless, I do adore his new name for me {particularly because I despise my actual first name}. It also warms the coldest corners of my heart when I hear B. calling for me with "chook" or "chicken" in her sweet little sing-song voice.

And now, I wonder, in another 11 years together will these nicknames stick? Or will we call each other something else entirely? I hope not because if there's ever been a more perfect name for this Husband of mine it is Danza. He's one of very few people who I like to touch me, who I can feel comfortable enough wrapping my arms around and just hugging completely, who can hold me closer...

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