thankyou coffee body scrub review

I'm still not sure if this review is a rant or rave. See, on one hand, I do adore this Thankyou Body Scrub. It works wonderfully well and doesn't tear at my skin or leave it dry and itchy. On the other hand it smells terribly and looks like you used a coffee enema and then had diarrhea in the shower. It makes a mess and so, really, can only be used once a week {on shower cleaning day} and, yet, it leaves skin feeling lovely.

So what's a girl to do? Not buy a coffee scrub when she detests the smell of coffee perhaps? Who knows. I am determined to use up the entire tub of this lovely scrub but I am not sure I'll repurchase it. I do adore it but I also adore a non-coffee poop looking shower. Am I making any sense? Nobody will ever know.

Thankyou's Coffee Body Scrub is made with cold-pressed macadamia oil and fair trade coffee. It's not tested on animals and, apparently, has a scent of botanical geranium and rosewood {who knew?} There is no scent other than vomitous coffee, let's be honest here. When you open the lid you're hit with the dreadful pong and a product that has formed into balls so you can finally know what it would feel like to rub coffee-scented sheep crap onto your body.

I say it's a versatile body scrub because it can be used as -- a) a coffee scrub {duh!} or b) a practical sheep poop centered joke.

All joking aside, I do like the scrub for how it works but it certainly doesn't win any favours when your kid sees you using it/your Husband rubbing it into your back and screams "mum why are you rubbing poo all over your body? that's gross!" 

So... it's a wonder on dry skin but it's gross.

It scrubs and hydrates but it's gross.

It's affordable and really works but it's gross.

See the dilemma?

If you want to try it for yourself {and I kind of, maybe, recommend you do} you can pick it up from Woolworths. It's worth a try but you have been warned.

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