pretty beautiful//ultrabland facial cleanser from lush

Sometimes I can be a big idiot. Case in point, I discovered my favourite cleanser forever ago -- Lush's Ultrabland -- and when I'd slapped two pots worth onto my face I decided it was two too many and went elsewhere. Since then I have been decidedly unhappy with my skin. Finally, finally, I went back to Lush and I have been deliriously happy since.

I am yet to meet a cleanser that just works as well as this does. And it does, it just works so darn well. No, it doesn't remove makeup and that's just fine by me. I quite like to remove my makeup before cleansing, luxuriating in the care of it all. It's just nice isn't it?

Ultrabland feels like such a one-of-a-kind product. It's thick and creamy and leaves your skin lovely and plump. Its name is wonderfully misleading, as if the product is nothing special but it is. It definitely is. Ultrabland is based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream. It's simple and effective, made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey.

Here's how I like to use it:

1. Remove all traces of makeup with your favourite Micellar Water and a cotton pad {or fifty}.
2. Hop in the shower {I use it both morning and night because I so adore a shower} and wet your face. Grab a small amount {about the size of a  5-10 cent coin} and massage into your face and chest.
3. Wet a flannel with lukewarm water and buff the product into your skin.
4. Wet the other side of the flannel with warm water and place all scary sheet like onto the face and remove all residual traces of the product. 
5. Dry skin and add your oil/moisturiser/etc.

The thing I love most about Ultrabland is that it doesn't feel like there's any need to use anything after. It doesn't leave skin tight, dry or itchy and it really feels like it's deep down squeaky clean.

One thing's for sure, I ain't ever straying again. Ultrabland is just too good.

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