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While the Husband was away in Melbourne for an eternity and a half I decided to treat myself to some planner stickers because obviously... One of the shops I purchased from was Fox & Cactus which quickly became one of my favourites when I fell in love with her piranha pipes n'plants sheet. Here's what I grabbed this time around --

laundry girls 2, these kawaii emoji girls, face mask girls, christmas shopping girls & these face plant girls {for days where I fail miserably} & here's the freebie sticker sheet. 

I'm a Rose for all which is pretty apt because if I'm any Golden Girl I'm def. Rose. Seriously, who is in charge of cheese?

also -- these sloth workout stickers {with napped instead labels -- essential!}, black kawaii happy mail envelopes, kawaii credit cards, kawaii nail polish, kawaii laptops, rainbow tv & black ones, kawaii sleep in pillows & another freebie {since I made 2 orders}...


All of her stickers are removable and printed on high-quality matte paper. I think, sometimes, matte gets a bad rap but these are wonderfully luxe, silky smooth and cut really well. All of the sheets that I purchased are ridiculously affordable at $3.00. You get the option to add kawaii faces to some of the sheets {like above} but there's no extra charge if you do {which I love because I'm cheap man, so cheap}. 

Fox & Cactus is based in Australia. Domestic shipping is $2.00 and she can take 1-2 weeks to ship orders. I ordered mine on October 18 and received them on the 3rd of November. Sure, she's not as fast as other shops but her stickers are so wonderful that the wait is never excruciating, in fact, I kind of adore the build up here. Her customer service is also wonderful. I made my first order and forgot to add the credit cards so I contacted her if I could combine. She wasn't able to, however, she was lovely and prompt. The only "downside" to this, however, was that, of course, I added more than that one sheet to my second order.

I also love that her sheets have an "oddloop-vibe" with her shop name right at the top being a label also {and perfect to add to your planner when you make and/or receive an order}.

Fox & Cactus is one of my most loved shops and I just adore her so. Like, honestly, what would we do without her?

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