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I feel as though I've written extensively on our family Christmas traditions, yet, here I am to discussing one of my very favourites -- ornaments.

Each year, before we decorate the house, we go on a trek and pick out a special ornament that just "speaks to us". We luxuriate over the decision process, fingering certain ornaments that stand out, until we find the one. I adore the process and, even more so, I adore seeing B's face, awash with Christmas joy, as she picks out her very own and then, later on, when she rushes to grab her special new pick and hang it on the tree. I'm not sure why this tradition out of all the others stands out so vividly for me but it is by far my favourite.

I've made a little list of all my ornament top picks for all those who love them as much as we do --

christmas hope snowflake -- simple, stunning and sweet
hallmark minnie & mickey teacup ornament -- this reminds me of Husband & I and it's just the sweetest thing
pottery barn bottle brush pug ornament -- Bum Bum is not a pug but this ornament reminds me of her regardless
vue vintage wonder crochet teapot -- because I adore tea and love collecting whimsical teapots
llama tree decoration -- reminds me of Bum Bum also {poor Fred!} and those pom poms!

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