friday five//fave gilmore girls moments

Oh hello, happy Gilmore Girls day!

In honour of the revival on Netflix {which better not break my fucking heart} I've made a list of five of my favourite GG moments {but let's be honest, all the moments are the greatest. If you do not love this show then I think you're a fool} --

The four Thanksgivings. I just adore the dysfunction, the food, Luke's sweet little dejected face and Mr's Kim. If there's one thing that Gilmore Girls does to me {aside from making me talk faster than usual} it is making me crave burgers and fries, Chinese food and pizza. Food is such a central part of the show and I'm sure most fans have wished/hoped/dreamed that they could eat like a Gilmore while still looking like a Gilmore. Also, don't tell me that it's not a coincidence that the revival falls on Thanksgiving weekend and there's four of them.  

1000 yellow daisies. Sure, the marriage never happens and there's totally more than 1000 but it was such a wonderfully romantic proposal wasn't it? If I were the grand gesture kind this would be my dream one and since daisies are my favourite flower I just fall in love with this scene every time I see it.

Let's face facts, Paul Anka is basically the star of the show as soon as he turns up. Just look at him! He's such a little weirdo and I adore his quirks. Yet, my favourite Paul Anka moments are the simplest, him just sitting at the table like the awesome dog-human hybrid he is. Also, the fact he's scared of everything makes him my spirit animal.

This birthday tradition. It makes my heart ache because I always wanted moments like that with my own mother but I still adore the sweetness here. And now I know I could, perhaps, have moments like these with B. and that makes me ridiculously happy.

My favourite gesture of the entire show. The most romantic. The sweetest. I just... Seriously, when is someone going to make an ice skating rink at my house for me? And, yes, please ignore the fact that ice skates scare the crap out of me because I still need this to happen in my life. I also need that scarf. And Loreali's hair. Can someone also see to that please? Thanks.


But, honestly, who is actually reading this? It's the fucking revival. Go!

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