friday five//currently swooning

I've picked up a few wonderful bits & bobs over the last few weeks and felt a desperate urge to share them here. Five items I am currently swooning over in this sweltering Sydney heat --

In the last year or so I have dreamed/hoped/wished for a pair of Salt Water's. It took me a good couple of months to gather the courage to spend that much on a pair of sandals {says the woman who didn't blink an eye at dropping $2,000 on a bag} and then another couple of months to decide whether I wanted to go neutral or bright. Then, finally, last week, after work, B. and I went on a little shopping date. We headed into Glue with my mind firmly set on the tan and then... these. Oh my yes!

They are in the Rose Gold and I just can't contain my orgasmic excitement. They aren't available on the Glue website but they were $89.95 which is pretty accurate pricing everywhere Salt Water Sandals are sold. Such divine creations.

Oh hey, Lloyd! I just... I adore anything that is incredibly immature and Christmas themed. He's from Kmart {find his siblings here} and he was $12. Mush...

This Harry Potter Funko Pop! Vinyl Pen. Yes. Find this pen necessity here and thank me later.

If you think that I have too many mugs already then you're an idiot and I hate you. He's from Myer and was around $12. Sadly, I can't find him online but if you head into the Myer Christmas-y section then I'm sure you'll see his adorableness around. I love him.

Lastly, from the Husband -- these daisy studs from Pandora. Now, as you may know daisies are my favourite flower {and, yes, I do still detest flowers as a gift} so, of course, I adore these. They are the perfect size to wear always.


Now... should I curtail the spending in the lead up to Christmas? Yes or no?

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