the inherent laziness

I am both a) an organised person which I think is pretty standard and b) anxiously organised which is frustrating and comes in random waves that are usually filled with tears, shaking and blackness. I am also inherently lazy and it's just the strangest thing.

1. I love, love, love tea. It tastes good, it perks me up and it calms my mind. Yet, I firmly detest making my own tea. At home I have the Breville Tea Maker which one could assume makes life easier but, nope. The act of putting the water and tea bags/leaves in is just terribly disheartening.

2. Sometimes if there is something out of my reach I will just lie or sit there, usually, until Husband notices me grunting and moving my arm around all funny and he'll say "are you trying to use the force?" and I'll nod, semi-sheepishly, and then he'll get the object for me. He says I'm adorable/hilarious. I do not support that delusion.

3. Toilets. Ugh. Hate them and the business they promote. I know, I know. I'm 29. But I just can't. Why? The act of getting up to pee, especially when in a warm and toasty bed with the perfect crotch-to-blanket ratio is devastating to my self-esteem and I can't encourage such strong acts of hate.

4. Pyjamas. You may have noticed that I adore them. I much prefer buying them to normal clothes. I much prefer wearing them to normal clothes. I also hate bras and struggle to walk the line to boobs upright and supported and boobs roaming free. Here's the thing -- if I don't have to be anywhere for the day {the best kind of plans, really} I will wake up and shower and then change into a different pair of pyjamas that are "awake" pyjamas. And then, at bedtime, I will shower, once again, and then change into another pair of pyjamas. These are called "sleeping" pyjamas, friends, and this way of life is awesome. Come join me.

As an aside, I have a lovely friend who does kinda the same thing with pyjamas and that makes me wonderfully happy. If the world were filled with pyjama lovers I think we'd all be better of.

5. Now let's discuss chocolate shall we? I love it, that much is clear, but laziness also plays a part here. If I can't be bothered cooking, whining for Husband to make me food, thinking of something to eat and/or actually making the effort to eat I will stuff my big fat face with chocolate. For breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. The great thing about chocolate is that it fills me up so if I eat it for breakfast I usually don't need lunch. The bad thing about it is that it's chocolate and even I know that's not a proper meal.


So, inherent laziness...? If I'm 29 will I ever change? Will I ever want to? Should I ever want to? Or can I brush this laziness off as one of my fabulous quirks?

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