that married life//the stupidest thing

I was in bed one night when it hit me -- marriage is just the stupidest thing. Sure it really is lovely and wonderful and soppy soppy crap. But it's also really dumb and here's why --

In order to feel secure/fulfilled/happy in my marriage I need a few things:

1. Tea made for me {because making tea is really hard}
2. Love & support
3. One day a week while B. is at school that is reserved for naps & snuggles together

But there is one thing that makes me feel most special/loved/appreciated/content and it is, quite honestly, so dumb that I can barely get the words out.

It is...

Going to sleep at the same time. Together. Obviously. I don't know what it is but I adore the ritual of it. The mutual "time for bed!" and the brushing teeth, him taking the dogs out, me peeing one hundred times. And then we slip into bed together and I wedge the blanket firmly into my crotch. He gives me a kiss and says "happy dreams". I say goodnight to the dogs and that's it... We fall asleep together.

That's the end of the stupid/boring story.

We sleep.

And I love it.

I hate being married. I have now become so terribly lame and soppy that I barely recognise myself.

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