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I finally got around to reading The Cursed Child {frustratingly, months after it was released -- Swine Flu will do that to you} and, well, I loved it and, yet, felt disappointed by it in the same measure.

The most common complaint I have read/heard is based on the style of the book. People don't like that it's a play/script. It's hard to read. It's not the same. None of this I care about {how stupid can people be?}. It took some getting used to, yet, if I wasn't interested in reading a script I just wouldn't buy it. Simple as that. Seriously. Go be annoying elsewhere {preferably in the seclusion of your house all by your lonesome}.

So, look, here's the thing -- The Cursed Child isn't a Harry Potter book, not really. Not one that I adored as a kid and still adore now. The magical feeling is gone and, instead, is replaced with a different version. And that's fine. But it was a tad disappointing. I devoured the book in a few hours. I was hooked but it was a different kind of hooked. It's tricky to even put into words because I loved it but it didn't feel as though it became a part of me.

In parts I felt like the main protagonists were boring, annoying, tedious. In others I felt right there with them. Sometimes I just didn't get it. I didn't feel the "rebellion" or the angst had a point.

So I loved it and hated it.

Adored the Harry and Hermione relationship -- the banter. Adored and deplored Harry as a dad.

Harry Potter is clearly something I hold very dear to my heart and The Cursed Child fit some expectations and didn't. But, look, it didn't ruin my childhood. I still thoroughly enjoyed it and, perhaps, one day, I'll re-read it. Who knows?

Have you read it? What did you think?

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