friday five//the happy list

I often get quite bogged down with the drudgery of life. I let the bad things overwhelm me and I forget about all the little things in life that bring joy & brighten my day. Today, since I've currently been taking a lot of all the little pieces in my day for granted, I wanted to share five things {some ridiculous} that have been making me ridiculously happy --

one. a month or so before my birthday B. asked me what I wanted most. I told her I'd love a picture of her and I so she {along with Husband} picked out this photo of us and the frame. I love it because a) it's a favourite pic of mine and b) because B. picked it all on her own and I always treasure those thoughtful gifts from her.
two. lilypinkprints stickers {find her shop here}. Husband and B. got me a few for my birthday and I just adore them.
three. I am not usually a morning person but I just adore waking up every morning with B. Last night she had crawled into our bed, scared from a bad dream, and she insisted on holding my hand as we slept and my heart was full {lame I am}. When we wake we lie in bed for as long as time will allow and snuggle and chat about random stuff. Then we get up and get ready for the day, I make B. silly bunny sandwiches for school. This is where I am my happiest.
four. rainy days, walking B. to school with the wind whipping my legs and sausage dog umbrellas.
five. "working" at home days with Husband with snuggles, movies/tv shows and delicious food. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- being an adult is hard and sometimes you just need to be lazy and eat ribs and cheese fries while watching Suicide Squad.


what makes you happy?

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