friday five//random bobs

Some randomness for the end of the week --

I recently watched Death Becomes Her for the first time. After work one night, Husband, the dogs and I sat down and watched it and I am now obsessed. It's ridiculous and hilarious and gross. I adore the fact that there are people out there who can come up with stuff like this, not take themselves too seriously but still make a "must watch" at the same time. Give me your secrets.

Can not stop listening to Don't Stop Me Now. I've always been a Queen fan but have just recently come across this which has quickly become my new favourite. Currently a multiple times a day listen and I'm not sure I'll ever tire of it. How could you?

This stupid outfit I chose to wear for my birthday outing. Lazy Oaf dress {currently on sale!}, Converse shoes, Spangled glasses {no longer available, similar linked}, Skinnydip phone case {no longer available}. Ridiculous all around. Love it though.

Luka Chocolates in Wyong. Must visit. 
& their ice cream? Delicious. 

Vanilla Chocolate Poke Cake. Divine. Husband and B. outdid themselves with birthday cake amazingness. 

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