friday five//advent obsessed

I'm currently deep in Christmas mode. This week I have been on the hunt for advents that are a bit different to gift to B. on December 1. I'm not usually a big fan of advents myself {the beauty ones are generally lackluster}, however, B. loves them so we always pick one up. I find myself torn, still, because they seem so wasteful and nobody needs that much chocolate...

This year I've set my sights on advents that differ from the norm. Here's five picks --

1. Railway Advent Calendar|Lark Store -- presented in a lovely railway box, each day helps you build this lovely set.
2. Lego Friends Advent Calendar|Target -- if they love Lego this is sure to be a hit but I wonder how many tiny pieces will attack your feet in the night?
3. R2-D2 Advent Calendar|Pottery Barn Kids -- a semi-DIY which I adore the idea of especially since you can tailor the gifts inside to suit anyone/everyone and you can reuse it every year.
4. Eraser Advent Calendar|Kikki-K -- B. loves a cute eraser to play with or for decoration and I love the little notes inside with special prompts like donating toys.
5. Jewellery Box Advent Calendar|Lark Store -- this is the top contender for B's advent this year -- countdown to Christmas by adding charms to the bracelet. So sweet and the packaging is just divine. 

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