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For my birthday outing this year I had one request -- to go to a maze. I'd recently devoured the Harry Potter films and felt a desperate need to walk through a maze. And so we did. Three of them actually. 

The three of us headed up to Wyong to visit Amazement Farm & Fun Park and it was gorgeous. The farm has a wide variety of animals {horses, cows, chickens, rabbits...}, three mazes, play ground and so much more. It's definitely more for the kids than adults so B. had a blast {which is all I want in a birthday outing} but I always find myself so at peace when I'm in a place like this.

I kind of felt like I'd stumbled into the Secret Garden here.

Amazement has games too -- this thing {what is it called?}, noughts & crosses and checkers. We made up our own rules and B. was a natural.

Amazement has scheduled shows throughout the day. We got to groom the ponies. You can also visit bunny world {which B. refused to do because it reminded her of Sam-Wise} and pet the goats and sheep. Mostly, though, the animals roam around and you can peek in their enclosures.

 We played basketball...

& checkers

How gorgeous is this? I never imagined I'd be a twenty-nine year old who just enjoys looking at trees but I do. I'm a happy little tree-looker.

Anyway, here's some proper visit-y details:

Admission for children {3-16 years} is: $12.00.
Adults are: $16.00.
You can also purchase a Family Pass {2 adults & 2 children} for: $50.00.

For more information visit the Amazement website here.


It really is a wonderfully cute place & so lovely for a family day out. And while you're in the area make sure you stop by Luka Chocolates and buy a coconut truffle why don't you?

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