a beauty epiphany

For the past few weeks I have been in a beauty rut. By "beauty rut" I, of course, mean I have been so fucking lazy that when it comes to getting ready {usually for work} I leave the prep far too late and I barely have any time to put some tinted gel in my brows before rushing out the door. Don't even get me started on the hair that doesn't get brushed for 3+ days at a time. I don't want to turn this into a depression thing but here's the truth: my depression shifts into certain areas. My beauty routine is currently ticking all the boxes. 

For months on end {for most of the year, actually, it has been in all the areas but, recently, the fog has started to clear and I can see straight again. I'm actually enjoying life properly which means I am going out and talking to people more. The downside {I guess?} to this is that I am even more exhausted than before so I need more sleep {at night and naps during the day} and that I need a few hours {sometimes a day or two} to mentally prepare myself for what is to come. I don't like it but it is what it is.

So most mornings I'll relax and laze until I absolutely have to get ready. I'll jump in the shower, screech at Husband to cut me some capsicum sticks and shove some clothes on. My hair is frequently shoved up, knotty and patchy in places because it's still falling out. I could get ready earlier but I just can't get out of my head long enough to do it. I so do enjoy luxuriating in the process of getting ready and looking "done" but sometimes I just can't do it. Sometimes {read: all the time} it's either get up and do life looking shabby or stay in bed forever. It used to be the latter but now I've moved into the former and I'm feeling frumpy.

And, then, as if by a miracle I had a beauty epiphany on the day I had the least time of all. I need to leave my house 15 minutes before I start work {usually I make it half an hour because being early makes me calm}, yet, there I was, 3 minutes away from needing to leave {capsicum sticks still uncut}, still wet from the shower, staring at my face and feeling like complete and utter crap. Usually I don't feel down on how I look {because dumb} but I felt it in that moment. Lazy, rushed and flustered I opened my make up drawer to brush my brows into somewhat okay-ness when I saw it and it hit me -- BB Cream. 

I had forgotten all about it. How easy it was. How it evened skin tone and made me feel less like a see-through freak of nature. Bliss. My beauty epiphany.

I need to also, briefly, sing the praises of natural light and a car mirror. Orange streaks and un-blended product do not stand up under the travelling glare. 

Now, please, let me never forget about the miracle that is my beautiful BB. 

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