the twenty-ninth wishlist

In a little less than a month I turn twenty nine. It hit me last week that next year, as October 10 rolls around, I will be thirty and I wondered... will I want a party? Will I be sad? Scared? Anything. I know it's still a year away but I imagine I'll take thirty just as I'll take twenty-nine -- quietly and without too much fuss, happy to get the chance to get older. I know I say every year that I'm not a big fan of birthdays and I've decided that's true and untrue in the same breath. I love birthdays but I'm not big on mine because I'd rather celebrate someone else. The attention makes me uncomfortable but, man, do I love a good gift. Something picked just for me by those I love the most. Over the years I have become calmer with gift gifting and expectations. Still, I can't say no to a wishlist --

one. the illustrated harry potter & the chamber of secrets  -- essential for the collection
two. kikki-k sweet sticker book -- what 29 year old doesn't need a sticker book?
three. Dumbledore print -- something I love but struggle to remember 
five. breville egg cooker -- for the lazy & egg obsessed
six. yellow salt waters -- a pair that have been long on my wishlist 
seven. jonathan adler elephant mug -- gorgeous
eight -- kate spade cat bag -- so me
nine. kate spade eat cake for breakfast tumbler -- a wonderful life motto
ten. happy planner gold quote stickers -- a pack I don't have but so need
eleven. converse slip on -- need these in all the colours

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