that devastates my self esteem...

I feel like we all have an overused phrase {or fifty}. Mine is that devastates my self esteem and I'm not sure why or how it came to be but there it is. I use it multiple times a day for all manner of things. Un-cheesy chips. Un-cheesed cheeseburger. That time Husband went to the toilet when he was supposed to be cutting me carrot sticks. You know, the usual.

But the thing that devastates my self esteem more than anything in the entire world is pants. I hate pants. I own pants but I hate pants. I also hate bras but that's another story entirely and, also, bras, for me, are essential to make sure my boobs don't bounce around like a flippy floppy hat. But pants. Explain their motives for life because they're mostly uncomfortable and they don't have crotch breathing space and they just suck.

I hate pants so much that as soon I get home I flick them off with great urgency and walk around with great relief. The loss of self esteem suddenly comes flooding back and I become one with my glorious self again. Pants take away my will to live I tell you. They make the world seem rougher and dirtier somehow. They make tough situations harder to deal with. They sap me of all sane and rational thought.

And they, of course, devastate my self esteem. 

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