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I recently picked up some lovely little stickers from GPStickerStudio on Etsy. By "recently" I, of course, mean I ordered these in July and got them by the end of August and only got over that {ridiculous} rage to write about these stickers now.

I picked up two of the Glitter Half Boxes {which are annoyingly rounded}, these Birthday Celebrate Half Boxes and Header Stickers, these Freshly Picked Half Boxes and Header Stickers, these Hello Dreamer Half Boxes, Header Stickers and Flags {which I can't find online} and, lastly, these Bright Appointment Stickers.

All the stickers are on a wonderfully luxe vinyl that is super shiny. I use my Sharpie Ultra Fine with these and it works perfectly. The stickers can be removed but can/will become permanent after time. They're easy to use and put down but can take some getting used to as they're flexible and very easily stick down crooked.

Each sticker makes a wonderful addition to my planner but I do have a few complaints:

1. My order took an entire month to arrive. The first was apparently lost in the mail. The second took over a week to arrive from shipping day when parcels/mail from the state GP is based usually only take 2-3 days tops.
2. Communication with the shop is not the greatest. GP is nice but she takes a few days to respond which, for an impatient fool like me, is frustrating.
3. The header stickers are great but the ones with text on them are basically useless. There's no set of "to do" stickers or anything really usable for the entire week so in order to get a proper functional kit with "to do" labels you need to pick up the entire kit which I don't want to do.

All complaints and ranting aside -- her stickers are gorgeous, her "freebie"/thank-you sticker sheet is divine and the glitter used in her stickers is lovely and fine.

So final thoughts? Love, love her stickers but I doubt I'll ever re-order because shipping hassles suck man.

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