misadventures in parenting//the hot dog conundrum

I love my kid. I love her individuality. I love her brains, her weirdness, her wit. I'm rarely disappointed in her because B. is often more well behaved than I am. Yet, I find myself a tad disappointed in her lack of desire to be a hot dog. She wants to be a princess. Always. Sure, I introduced her to Disney movies because if I'm 90% water the other 10% is made up of Disney princesses and chocolate but, look, I didn't think she'd look up to the girls in these films. I thought she'd watch them and enjoy just as I always have done.

But no.

No. She decided to think being a princess was something to aspire to. That beauty and dresses is all life is about. She doesn't judge other people and she doesn't call people ugly or fat so she's not all stuck-up and spoiled but, ugh. For book week she chose to dress up as Queen Elsa and I dreamed that she'd wake me up in a panicked state that she didn't have a Harry Potter costume despite never reading the books or seeing the films. Or she'd decide that she just had to be Olaf or Mario or someone else really awesome.

Nope. Queen Elsa. Sure, she looked really bloody adorable in her dress and cape and I didn't look at her and feel sad or mad or bad but after the fact I remembered this hot dog girl and thought --

I wish my daughter was a hot dog!

This is the stupidest thing I've quite possibly ever thought and complained about but, look, there it is. I wish my daughter was a hot dog.

She's only five and I know this stage is not telling on how she'll deal with stereotypes when she's older but, man, I really do wish that she didn't think girls can only be pretty with dresses and long hair. In a world that is seemingly growing more Kardashian-vapid by the day I want my child to be a hot dog dammit!

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