being mum//you do not work 24 hours a day

I feel like my opinions on parenting are wildly unpopular. Mostly I keep them to myself because parents be crazy. But, look, I've now had enough. I've reached my limit. 

Parents you DO NOT work 24 hours a day!

Number One: I don't believe being a parent can be considered work. You know that stupid saying like if you do what you love you'll never have to work a day in your life? That. But, also, being a wife/husband is not a job and neither is being a "mum" to an animal so why is your kid any different? Changing nappies and getting up multiple times a night and breast feeding and a myriad of other things is not work. It's life.

Number Two: if you work 24 hours a day for 18 years {or whatever other bullshit number you want to throw out there} then guess what? You're dead. You died from exhaustion long ago so shut up already. You do not work 24 hours a day. You sleep. You may fall asleep thinking about your kid and/or dream about them but this is not called "working" okay? This is called sleeping and I can guarantee that any other childless person falls asleep thinking about their job or the endless loads of washing or any other boring piece of crap that flits into their mind. Yet, if a childless person were to say they work 24 hours a day for the same reasons you're stupidly saying you do they'd get scoffed at.

Other things that annoy me:

1. Parents who say until you have a child you do not know the definition of tired. Stupid for multiple reasons. Here's a few -- everyone has their own levels of tired and everyone deals with lack of sleep differently. Some people only need 4 whereas some {me!} need 12. For me, parenting has never been tiring. Hard, yes. Tiring, no. I never knew tired until I was diagnosed with one hundred and fifty different mental illnesses and promptly put on medication that causes extreme drowsiness/exhaustion, yet I would never say to someone: you don't know tired until you have depression/anxiety/ocd/ptsd because that is stupid!

2. "I haven't had a meal in {insert number of years since becoming a parent}... Especially since I know you just got a babysitter and went out to dinner without your kids. You have had a meal and I can guarantee that you've also had a meal at home when your kids have been present. Are you stupid?

3. I am a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, an ambulance driver, a therapist... Nope, you're just a parent. Putting on a band aid does not equate a degree. Cuddling a crying kid does not a therapist make. You are an idiot though so congratulations on that.


I know, I know, I'm a giant a-hole. Sue me. 

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